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Terms of Use

General provisions

This signed agreement sets the rules and terms for the use of the website. The customers agree, with or without registration, use the Site and its services. This agreement on the use of the website is singed between the Owner and any User. Referring to any of the sections of the website, as well as placing links to it, quoting and copying the content of the website, imply that the User legally gives consent to full and unconditional compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This agreement is not a contract. The Site Owner reserves the right to both change this Agreement and introduce a new one. Such changes become valid from the moment they are posted on the website. The use of the website materials after the change in the Agreement automatically means their acceptance.

If you do not agree to follow the agreement, do not use the website, and if you are a registered User, immediately stop using the website.

The user undertakes to regularly get acquainted with the content of the Terms of Use in order to timely grapple with its changes.

The purpose of the website is to familiarize the User with the website content and provide information support to the Users.

Any illegal use of this website, the Information posted on it and other materials is prohibited.

Nothing in the Agreement can be interpreted or understood as the establishment of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal employment relations between the Owner and the User.

The Owner has the right to combine messages or reviews posted by users on the website with information of an advertising nature in the form of graphic or text modules (banners).

Responsibility. Disclaimer

The User expressly agrees that he uses the information materials about medications posted on the website, serve for information purposes only and cannot serve as a recommendation for use or as a source of information on self-medication. It can be used only by prescription and under medical supervision.

The site is not intended for users who have not reached the age of majority. In the event of an accidental website visit, such Users are obliged to leave it. The owner of the website is not responsible for any undesirable consequences in case of failure to comply with this requirement by the Users.

Users of the website from different jurisdictions should use the information in accordance with the rules that apply in the territory of such jurisdictions.

The Website Owner is not responsible for any damage caused to your health in connection with the independent use of the Information posted on the Website. The user is fully responsible for any misinterpretation that may arise as a result of viewing, reading or copying the materials contained on the website, and thus no legal or natural person can be responsible for the use of the mentioned above materials. The responsibility for the consequences that directly or indirectly entailed by the use of the Site Content can be assigned to the Site Owner and be the basis for legal prosecution under no circumstances.

The User voluntarily refuses from legal and administrative prosecution of the Website Owner and any claims for compensation for possible harm caused to the User’s health.

The content of the Site is provided without a guarantee that it cannot contain mistakes. The Site Owner has the right to change the Site Content, including, without any limitation, moving or deleting the Site Content, at his sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, at any time and without prior announcement of such changes.

The owner guarantees not to disclose the User’s data obtained during registration, except for cases provided for by the legislation.

The User is fully responsible for the safety of his login/password and for losses that may arise due to their loss or unauthorized use of his Account. The Owner is not responsible and does not compensate for losses incurred due to unauthorized use by third parties of the User’s login/password. All actions performed by a visitor who is authorized with the User’s login and password are considered as actions of the User. The user is fully responsible for all actions performed by an authorized person on his behalf.

The Owner is not responsible for any damage to the electronic devices, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused by or associated with the website use.

The Owner is not responsible to the User or any third parties for the User’s actions on the website.

The Owner is not responsible for agreement’s violation and reserves the right, at its sole discretion, as well as upon receiving information from any third parties about the violation by the user of the agreement or the rights and interests of third parties, to change (moderate) or delete any information published by the User, and also suspend, restrict or terminate the User’s access to all or any of the sections of the website at any time for any reason or without explanation, with or without prior notice, without being responsible for any harm that may be caused to the User by such action.

In the event that third parties present claims to the Owner related to the use of the website by the User, the User undertakes, on his own and at his own expense, to solve these claims with third parties, protecting the Owner from possible losses and proceedings.

External links

In accordance with the terms and conditions set in this agreement, the Owner grants the User a non-exclusive, limited, revocable, royalty-free license to place a hypertext reference link to the website solely for non-commercial purposes, not going beyond the site connection User with the website.

The user is not entitled to:

  • place the link or use it in a way that will lead to the display of the Site or any of its elements on the screen as a separate frame in the window, or to the appearance of associations with any kind of advertising or sponsorship program that is not related to the Site, or to other inclusion of content;
  • post or use embedded links to any data file that is part of the website;
  • modify any element of the website, block or otherwise interfere with its display;
  • link to the Site through any third-party uniform resource locator (URL) or backup site;
  • post links to the Site if the content of the partner’s site considers obscene, defamatory, containing harassment, deeply offensive, malicious or in any other way illegal and/or violating the rights protected by law.